The Resistance is a faction. It is led by General Leia Organa and is an independent paramilitary organization formed by disgruntled veterans of the Rebel Alliance and dissidents of the New Republic that take the threat of the First Order seriously. 




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  • Rey: The hero unit for Rey herself and she has 750 base health. Rey is one of the most versatile and dangerous heroes on the battlefield, and she can play both as an offensive and supportive hero. She has two abilities: she has Insight which allows Rey to sense her surroundings to increase her line-sight and camouflage herself as well as gaining a temporary damage and stamina boost and she has Mind Trick which causes Rey to use the Force to daze enemies and confuse them into attacking each other for a duration.
    • Upgrade
  • Finn: The hero unit for Finn himself and he has 600 base health. Finn is a support hero for his army and, although more vulnerable at close quarters, he can hold his own and he works best when he sticks close to his forces. As a highly-trained marksman, Finn can more easily take out enemies from a distance. He has two special abilities: he has Big Deal which grants Finn and nearby allies damage reduction, faster ability recharge and a damage boost and has Undercover Team which camouflages Finn and nearby units as well as increasing line-sight and increasing their speed.
    • Upgrade


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