The Rebel Alliance is a faction. It is a coalition made up of various and diverse pro-democratic rebel cells that were supported by various sovereign governments across the known galaxy that banded together under the leadership of a group of senators that sought to overthrow the Galactic Empire and restore the Galactic Empire. The Rebels later formed the New Republic after defeating the Empire in the Galactic Civil War. The Rebellion allowed aliens into their ranks, something the Empire was infamous for not doing. 


Luke SkywalkerEdit

Han SoloEdit

Princess LeiaEdit


Lando CalrissianEdit

Admiral Ackbar Edit

Units Edit





  • Mon Calamari Star Cruiser:
  • Corellian Corvette:
  • GR-75 Medium Transport:
  • Nebulon B-class Frigate:

Heroes Edit

  • Luke Skywalker: The hero unit for Luke Skywalker himself and he has 750 base health. Luke is a very mobile and fast hitting hero who works best as a hit-and-run hero. He also possesses formidable melee prowess through his high stamina, with his passive slowly increasing his lightsaber damage output for each unit he kills. He has two special abilities: he has Push which has Luke use the Force to push enemies in front of him and deal damage and he has Repulse which allows Luke to send a burst of Force energy from the ground to deal damage and knock down nearby enemies.
    • Upgrade
  • Han Solo: The hero unit for Han Solo himself and he has 650 base health. He is a very capable ranged hero, able to dish out heavy damage with his modified DL-44 Blaster Pistol. He can quickly chew through the health of enemy units and heroes with multiple shots. He has two special abilities: he has Detonite Charge which has Han throw a sticky charge to deal high damage in a blast radius and he has Sharpshooter which gives Han's damage boost to his pistol temporarily.
    • Upgrade
  • Princess Leia: The hero unit for Princess Leia herself and she has 600 base health. She seeks out enemies and deals high damage even at long range with her Defender Pistol; her role is to support her team with her abilities. She has two special abilities: she has Squad Sustain which has her deploy a device that heals herself and any friendly units within the radius and she has Flash Grenade which stuns and damages enemies in the blast radius. 
    • Upgrade
  • Chewbacca: The hero unit for Chewbacca himself and he has 700 base health. He is a ferocious hero, and can take on all types of enemy targets. His Bowcaster is a hard-hitting weapon, as he can quickly shred enemy ground targets however he does suffer at range and cannot fire as fast as other blasters. He has two special abilities: he has Charge Slam which has Chewbacca charge forward and slams his fist into the ground to deal high damage and knocks enemies off their feet and he has Furious Bowcaster which temporarily increases the damage to his Bowcaster.
    • Upgrade
  • Lando Calrissian: The hero unit for Lando Calrissian himself and he has 600 base health. He is a deceptive and slick hero who can stun and disable targets, allowing for easier takedowns and he wields his X-8 Night Sniper. He has two special abilities: he has Sharp Shot which has Lando focus on multiple targets before delivering a flurry of powerful shots against each one and has Disabler which has Lando deploy a sticky device that increases sight-line and camouflages Lando as well as stuns and damages enemies when it detonates.
    • Upgrade
  • Millenium Falcon: The hero unit for Admiral Ackbar is the Millenium Falcon and it has 750 base health. It is a light freighter used by smugglers around the galaxy and is a very mobile aircraft, able to outmanuever most enemy units, and it is equipped with blaster cannons. It has two special abilities: it has Dual Concussion Missiles which locks onto enemies and fires concussion missiles for heavy damage and Shield which generates a shield for the Falcon to make it temporarily invulnerable to damage for the duration.
    • Upgrade


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