The Galactic Republic is a faction. It was the democratic union that governed the entire galaxy for a thousand years through the Galactic Senate with the aid of the Jedi Order, though it faces a decline in the Clone Wars and is eventually replaced by the Galactic Empire.



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  • Clone Trooper: The core infantry of the Galactic Republic equipped with DC-15A Blaster Rifles and they comprise of four Clones per squad, possessing 80 health each (320 for overall squad). These troops are rather small in numbers, but these troops are trained and experienced, capably led, and well equipped - they equal any soldier in the war. They are effective at long range and stay relevant throughout the battle with their versatility. Their special ability is to throw Thermal Detonators for extra damage against ground units.
    • Upgrade
  • Clone Heavy Gunner: Anti-vehicle heavily armored clone troopers that come in three with each having 200 health (600 for overall team). Two clones are armed with Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannons with the third wielding a PLX-1 Rocket Launcher to demolish ground vehicles and infantrymen. They can rapidly suppress fire within its arc of fire and they are good at any range but really shine to medium to close-range combat. Bundled rockets augment their ability to clean out enemy positions and excel against taking out almost any armored vehicles they encounter. Heavy Gunners are incredibly powerful, capable of penetrating even the heaviest of armor. 
    • Upgrade
  • Jet Trooper: 
  • ARC Trooper: The Advanced Recon Commandos (ARCs) are elite infantry that come in teams of three and they individually have 225 health (overall squad health is 675). They are armed and trained to use unconventional tactics in their rushes and flanks, enabling them to cause a lot of destruction behind enemy lines. One soldier in the squad is armed with duel-wielding DC-17 Hand Blasters, the second is equipped with a WESTAR-M5 Blaster Rifle and the third wields a Reciprocating Quad Blaster, making them ideal for harassing enemies and flanking assaults. They can be deployed to cut off vital points and destroying enemy vehicles. Their special ability is to deploy a device that electrocutes on detonation which can stun and damage enemy ground units.
    • Upgrade
  • Clone Commando: Elite shock infantry that come in squads of five and they individually have 175 health (overall squad health is 875). Commandos are equipped with DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifles to clear enemy units out of defensive positions and are very effective at close range. They have excellent accuracy and combat effectiveness, and are capable of seizing control of vital areas of the map. Their special ability is to reconfigure their blaster into a grenade launcher that fires three small anti-vehicle grenades, used to clear enemies out of entrenched positions.
    • Upgrade
  • Clone Commander: 
  • Clone Engineer: Support multi-purpose repair and construction infantry that consist of four clones per squad and individually sport 45 health (overall squad health is 180). Their primary task are building structures, creating or clearing battlefield obstacles, and attacking enemy defensive positions. They move primarily behind the front line constructing buildings, re-crewing support weapons, capping points, and sweaping explosives. They perform poorly in direct combat, being armed with DC-23 Shotguns that are effective in close-combat only. Combined with poor accuracy there are few situations where the squad can engage the enemy alone. On the battlefield itself Engineers can construct defensive structures like bunkers, mines, barricades and traps. They have the ability to build caches to boost income. An important part of their duties is repairing friendly vehicles or structures. Their repair rate is rather slow and they will never be a true combat unit, lacking the survivability and firepower to stand up to any other combat unit. Fortunately, they are very cheap to train.
    • Upgrade
  • Clone Sharpshooter: Anti-infantry well-trained long-distance sharpshooters that are armed with an accurate Valken-38X with high-quality optics that come singular and have 120 health. The Clone Sharpshooter's special ability is to camouflage himself for reconnaissance purposes, and they enjoy a higher fire rate than most sniper units. However, being a one-man unit makes him more vulnerable to attacks, particularly counterattacks from enemy snipers.
    • Upgrade
  • Galactic Marine:
  • Clone Scubatrooper:
  • Clone Blazetrooper:
  • Clone Paratrooper:
  • Riot Trooper:
  • Clone Assassin:
  • Special Ops Clone Trooper:
  • Clone Medic:
  • Shock Trooper:


  • AT-RT: The All-Terrain Recon Transport (AT-RT) is a mobile light scout vehicle that can hit infantry, flank support weapons, penetrate light armor and take out enemy snipers. Equipped with a chin-mounted laser cannon and sporting 250 health, the AT-RT is able to move around the map quickly and has great line-sight for scouting purposes. Its mobility not only makes it a good renonnaissance unit, but it gives it a better chance to outflank enemy infantry. However, it is no match against superior ground units and aircraft and fails easily to anti-vehicle weaponry and loses to other true combat vehicles in one on one fights.
    • Upgrade
  • TX-130: The TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank is the main battle tank of the Galactic Republic and it is a powerful and effective armored front-line battle tank that is effective against most targets however is weak to anti-vehicle weaponry. The TX-130 is the backbone of Republic battle groups and it balances agility with power; it is both quick and defensive, allowing it to strike at enemies with its heavy laser cannons as well as dual thermal detonator launchers and is capable of taking a lot of punishment with its 940 health. It is a relatively long-ranged tank and is a near perfect-mix of speed, armor and firepower. The TX-130s are quite powerful, versatile and extremely devastating in numbers. 
    • Upgrade
  • AT-TE: The All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE) is a massive armored walker that is armed with six ball-turret laser cannons and a large mass-driver cannon that is slow moving but a very effective siege vehicle and can traverse through all terrain and scale vertical cliffs and structures. They specialize against ground units, as well as being able to defend itself from aircraft. Its armor is extremely strong, even heavy cannons have difficulty penetrating it. It has 5000 health and its special ability is to fire a charged ion shot from the main cannon that can heavily damage vehicles and deal a great amount of splash damage to enemy personnel and vehicles in its blast radius.
  • BARC Speeder: 
  • Blurrg Trooper: 
  • AT-OT: The All-Terrain Open Transport (AT-OT) is a walking troop carrier equipped with forward medium laser cannons and rear anti-personnel laser cannons and it possesses 650 health. It can transport six infantry units and offers good protection and provides a stable firing platform for troops inside. 
    • Upgrade
  • AT-AP: The All-Terrain Attack Pod (AT-AP) is a tripedal pod walker deployed for long-range artillery strikes with its heavy laser cannon. It is effective against ground units and structures however is weak against aircraft and anti-vehicle weapons.
    • Upgrade
  • HAVw A6 Juggernaut: A massive, ten-wheeled combat vehicle that is very mobile and is equipped with heavy laser cannons and concussion grenade launchers that deals good damage to vehicles while the double medium blaster cannon provides minor anti-infantry and anti-aircraft fire. This unit has 800 health and sports fairly long range and good effectiveness against most vehicles. It can carry one squad of infantry as well.
    • Upgrade
  • RX-200: An anti-air tank that excels in countering enemy aircraft with its stun cannon. Although effective against aircraft, it will not last long alone against combat ground vehicles and can only defend itself with weak twin anti-personnel blasters. It has 460 health as well and is fairly effective against standard enemy infantry.
    • Upgrade
  • UT-AT: A support vehicle that has 680 health and is armed with an artillery turboblaster turret as well as six blaster turrets. It is effective against infantry and light vehicles, as well as passively providing defensive bonuses to friendly units within its support aura. 
    • Upgrade
  • ISP: 


  • ARC-170 Starfighter: The mainline aircraft of the Galactic Republic that has 300 health and high mobility, being armed with four medium laser cannons and proton torpedo launchers. It is a good all-around starfighter, being especially lethal in groups. 
    • Upgrade
  • N-1 Starfighter:
  • BTL-B Y-Wing:
  • V-Wing:
  • LAAT Gunship:


  • Republic Attack Cruiser:
  • Acclamator-class Assault Ship:
  • Victory II-class Frigate:

Heroes Edit

  • Yoda: The hero unit for Yoda himself and he has 700 base health. A formidable presence on the battlefield, Yoda is deceptively agile and his abilities and dodge make him virtually untouchable. Yoda's small stature also allows to effectively ambush enemies. When blocking attacks with his lightsaber, Yoda will slowly build up a temporary damage boost with his Unleash ability. He has two special abilities: he has Unleash which has Yoda damage and push enemies back with the Force and he has Presence which has Yoda instantly heal himself and allies around him as well as break out of any crowd control effect.
    • Enduring Presence: His health is increased from 700 to 735 and his damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased as well as movement speed. After Yoda uses a special ability, he gains a bonus mobility and damage boost.
    • Earned It I Have: His health is increased from 735 to 780 and his damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased. The passive damage boost is increased and his Unleash has a larger radius.
    • Jedi Mentor: His health is increased from 780 to 820 and his damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased as well as movement speed. Yoda and his allies receive less damage when under the affect of Presence.
    • Size Matters Not: His health is increased from 820 to 860 and his damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased. Presence has a larger radius, lasts longer and has a faster heal rate.
    • Lightsaber Mastery: His health is increased from 860 to 975 and his damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased as well as movement speed. The damage of Unleash is increased and enemies will be slowed after being knocked down.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi: The hero unit for Obi-Wan Kenobi himself and he has 750 base health. An expert at turning defense into offense, Obi-Wan has high stamina, allowing him to deflect blasters and other lightsabers for a long amount of time. He has two special abilities: his All-Out Push allows Obi-Wan to use the Force to push back and damage enemies and has Restrictive Mind Trick which disables enemies' special attacks and dodges.
    • Perfect Defense: His health is increased from 750 to 800 and his damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased. Blocking attacks with his lightsaber will grant Kenobi a temporary damage reduction buff.
    • Give It All: His health is increased from 800 to 850 and his damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased as well as movement speed. All-Out Push deals more damage and has a larger radius.
    • Think It Over: His health is increased from 850 to 900 and his damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased. Enemies affected by Restrictive Mind Trick will be given a debuff, taking more damage and dealing less damage.
    • Quickened Focus: His health is increased from 900 to 1000 and his damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased as well as movement speed. Increases Restrictive Mind of Trick range and radius.
    • Critical Deflection: His health is increased from 1000 to 1150 and his damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased. A stackable passive from blocking with his lightsaber will give Kenobi a damage, cooldown reduction and movement speed buff.
  • Mace Windu: The hero unit for Mace Windu himself and he has 800 base health. As a powerful Jedi Master, Windu is a powerhouse. He is a largely offensive hero, Windu can momentarily tap into the dark side for his powerful Force abilities and highly aggressive lightsaber attacks. He passively builds up his own damage from him taking damage. He has two special abilities: he has Heroic Might which has Windu charge up an attack which damages and pushes all enemies around him with the Force and he has Passionate Strike so Windu unleashes a heavy strike with his lightsaber to damage multiple enemies up close to deal high damage and break their defenses.
    • Jedi Resilience: His health is increased from 800 to 825 and the damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased. Passionate Strike deals more damage and has a larger radius.
    • Massive Strikes: His health is increased from 825 to 865 and the damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased as well as movement speed. Dealing from one special ability will decrease the cooldown of the other and the radius of Heroic Might is increased.
    • Feel the Force: His health is increased from 865 to 900 and the damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased. The damage and radius of Heroic Might is increased.
    • Fierce Fighter: His health is increased from 900 to 950 and the damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased as well as movement speed. Windu's passive bonus is improved and he gains a damage boost after using a special ability.
    • All of Them: His health is increased from 950 to 1050 and the damage and stamina of his lightsaber strikes are increased. Windu will gain a damage reduction from dealing damage with his special abilities and any damage dealt to Windu while he is charging Heroic Might will reflect some damage back to attackers.
  • Ashoka Tano: The hero unit for Ashoka Tano herself
  • Captain Rex: The hero unit for Captain Rex himself and he has 600 base health. He dual-wields his DC-17 blaster pistols and he can deal damage to enemies at a distance, passively inspiring his troops by boosting the damage and damage reduction of nearby units. He has two special abilities: he has Shock Trap which deploys a device that electrocutes enemies on detonation and deals damage and pushes them away from the blast area and he has Helmet Scanner which has Rex activate his rangefinder to increase his line-sight and detect camouflaged enemy units.
    • Upgrade 
  • Qui-Gon Jinn: The hero unit for Qui-Gon Jinn himself


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