The First Order is a faction. It is a military junta formed from the remnants of the Galactic Empire that fled to the Unknown Regions after their defeat by the New Republic, the state formed by the Rebel Alliance, following the Galactic Civil War.


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  • Kylo Ren: The hero unit for Kylo Ren himself and he has 750 base health. He is a standout hero on the battlefield who is manueverable and has relatively high DPS. He has two special abilities: he has Freeze which allows Kylo to use the Force to freeze all enemies in front of him immobilizing them for a duration and he has Frenzy so Kylo enters a frenzied rage and leaps from enemy to enemy to strike them with his lightsaber.
    • Upgrade:
  • Captain Phasma: The hero unit for Captain Phasma herself and she has 700 base health. She is an anchor for her army with her modified F-11D Blaster Rifle having an extremely high rate of fire. She deals continous and good damage at medium and long ranges and she is particularly useful in area denial. She has two special abilities: Sentry Droid which acts a blaster turret and utilizes automatic shock functionality against close enemies and she has Survivor which increases Phasma's health pool temporarily and she gains damage reduction.
    • Upgrade:


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